Our hardscape specialty is in flagstone patios and walkways, with collective experience and training from stone-work masters in Jackson Hole, WY.  Not only do we build for appeal, but also for function.  We build the foundation right, and fit the stone tightly together.  These time-tested techniques and skills ensure that your patios and walkways will not crack or drift.

Molded Stone

We also work with bricks and pavers.  The end result will have less “flow” and look less “natural” than flagstone, but the same techniques we use in flagstone installation ensure quality and durability that last.

Retaining Walls

Our unique “double strong” technique for retaining walls and tiered beds ensures, once again, both durability and eye appeal.  A “secret” wall of rebar and concrete reinforced cinder block is placed behind an attractive outer wall of brick or natural stone. The two walls are melded together with a combination of rip rap and concrete.  Yes, this takes more time and effort, but the results are a wall of rare and unmatched quality.